Thanks for sharing your experience with what I personally tend to refer to as the lower 4th Dimension realm of reality.

As I see it, our universe is infinite in its diversity of experiences. And I think I agree with Matias de Stefano’s teachings from Sirius that we exist to experience as much of that diversity as possible.

Everything you describe is part of that diversity, as is everything that every other person describes in their experiences of reality, awakening and ascension.

Nothing is better or worse than anything else. It is just a matter of where/what one wants to put their focus on at the present moment in their present incarnation.

I think it is amazing that you have experienced what you describe. I am sure I have also in other incarnations. My experiences in this current incarnation are, however, different.

On the concept of “infinity”, see my see my ‘Infinite Universe Series’ of channeled articles:

My most viewed and read article is an overview of different interpretations of the spiritual dimensions of reality, which you might find of interest:

(these links are to paywall free versions of these articles, which is why they are so long)

Blessings, Alan

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

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