Hi Russ — Ha! Easier said than done, of course, at least from our ego-self perspective. A few comments might help:

1 — Yes, visualizations, but we need to be in a meditative or higher state of consciousness when doing those. Guided meditations online can help get you into that state, but they might not guide you to right visualizations.

2 — We are each vibrating a distinct energy and spiritual path. What works for one person may not work for the next. So we need to experiment and see what resonates with our energy vibration the best. That can change over time.

3 — The more we are our soul-self rather than our ego-self, the easier it is to do this. See my article on the Inner Ego & the Outer Ego: https://medium.com/illumination-curated/the-outer-ego-the-inner-ego-ef12d6ad1501?sk=1dd757d1f236b83d04e58768ced07eb2

4 — If we change the past, we will seldom know that we have done so because the old past will not be part of the new past we have created. See my article on changing the past for more on that, plus some suggestions on how to do it:

5 — Creating the future is a form of manifestation, which is often associated with the Law of Attraction. I prefer the Law of Mirroring because it gets deeper into our belief systems that create our future. See this article that I just published:

Thanks for the question. I may add a version of this response to the article itself.

Blessing, Alan

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity