Hi John - There is a lot to take in with what you describe. I did not talk much about time as an energy wave. The article was already getting too long and taking forever for me to finish!

Your descriptions of the past and future use different terminology from what I have come across before -- though I don't think there is conflict. I agree that time goes both ways. I think from a 3D (and maybe lower 4D) perspective the way you describe it can make sense and can be helpful.

But from a higher dimensional perspective it might be somewhat limiting. For example, I am not sure why energy cannot go future to past, and why patterns cannot go past to future. In the "block universe model" (which I kind of favor) time moves in all direction (360 degrees) simultaneously.

Also, I like the idea of centripetal and centrifugal forces. Those seem to align with what I call the compression and expansion of energy in the article (longitudinal waves). And seeing the first as "synchronizing" (becoming one/unity) and the second as "harmonizing" (working together in cooperation & unison) is insightful. Maybe I will add it to the article, of course, citing you as the source.

-- Alan

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

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