Hi Frank — Thanks for your comments. We are indeed limited in our 3rd Dimensional human reality when trying to think and talk about the “true” nature of reality.

I think that what you say is well aligned with the idea that I was trying to get across. When you enter the “Void” there is no experience that can be related in our human words or even thoughts. It is beyond that. That Void is the ultimate oneness, where we are all one “entity” (although that word also just points to something that cannot be described).

In this article I am trying to suggest that while we feel like we are talking to other people from our individual self perspective, from the perspective of the Void, the oneness, we are all just one “I” talking to itself.

But I am a bit confused by your statement: ‘When the divine has participated with me it has not felt that I was interacting or “talking to myself”.’

I guess I am unclear on what you mean by “participating”. I assume there is a sense of “oneness”, yet is there also a sense of the “divine” as being separate?

If one is interacting with another “form” of some kind, even if we know in our deepest self that the other is actually us, then we are having an “experience”, which means we are not in the Void, but are in some level of manifest reality. It may be a reality that is very close to the pure oneness of God Consciousness, but it is still not God Consciousness.

Anyway, that is how I understand things through various teachings and experiences that I have had.

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity