Hey Marcus - Thanks for your thoughts. They made me realize that there are two (at least) ways to think of Free Will.

(1) in the context of "infinity", as I wrote, free will has to exist for the infinite to exist. To say there is no free will in that context is to say the infinity is finite (has boundaries), which is an oxymoron: the infinite cannot be finite. The gods can scheme all they want, but in the end, it is our consciousness that make the choice in the moment point.

(2) in the context of the human ego experience, well that is a different matter. The human experience is finite (we are born and we die--physically), and the ego is possibly the most important tool in setting those finite boundaries. So understanding free will in that context is a lot trickier.

To me, it is primarily a matter of how much does the individual identify themselves with their outer ego versus their inner self. And even then, the inner self has multiple layers, eventually ending up as the universal soul or universal mind, before dissolving into God consciousness.

The more one operates from the outer ego (#2 above), to the exclusion of the deepest inner self (#1 above), the less free will one has -- and the more those inner self "gods" will have their sway. The more one is the inner self Soul, the more free will one is able to and will express.

See, for example:


Blessings, Alan

Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

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