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Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

Part of the Personal Awakening Series

Zen Master Dogen on the difference between the world as “illusion” and the world as “awakening”.

by Alice Popkorn

“To carry the self forward and illuminate myriad things is delusion.

That myriad things come forth and illuminate the self is awakening.“

— Dogen, in ‘Genjokoan’

I LOVE this saying from Zen Master Dogen (1200–1253 CE). I interpret these two lines as …

To experience and act in the world with the idea that “I” am at the center of acting and experiencing is delusion.

This is because it assumes that the “I” (meaning my outer ego personality) at the center of the world is my true self. It assumes that the world that my ego personality is experiencing is…

Part of the GLOBAL ASCENSION Series

[Updated Sept 16, 2021] Awakening is often 1 step forward, 2 steps back for both us and our planet.

by Ian Burt ( cc-by)

WHAT IS “awakening”? This list comes from two posts in a public Facebook group on spiritual awakening (see links at the bottom of this article):

- Seeing through the illusion; Seeing truth
- Coming home
- Unconditional loving; Love everyone and everything
- Awareness of yourself and your world
- When you lead with your heart, instead of your mind
- Living in the moment point
- Nirvana
- Decline in interests in material attachments and desires
- No ego or thought
- Being the observer of thoughts, not the thoughts
- Everything is connected and resonates
- Consistent peace, joy, non-attachment, and unending love
- Asking what is awakening means you…

A Channeled Message

Meditation not only changes us as individuals, but it can be a powerful tool to change the world, if the world is ready for that.

by Bernt Sønvisen (cc-by,

Most of this article is a channeled message from Joshua, who represents my Energy Group / Higher Self.

The basic message is that the world needs to adopt meditation as a common, taken-for-granted practice if humankind is ever going to address its environmental and social problems. My guides feel that individuals and groups need to connect to the oneness that underlies all creation before discussing the challenges they face. A simple meditation like that helps to establish a common ground for otherwise polarized opinions.

There are other ways that meditation has helped to resolve world issues. One is the so-called…

Spiritual Channeling

You, too, can try the guided meditation to do this.

by D.C.Atty (cc-by,

I learned to channel my guides in Nov/Dec 2018. I took two classes, one on Udemy with an instructor who I could consult, and recordings of another on YouTube. I recount my full experience doing that here.

Lesson 4 of the YouTube class included a guided meditation in which I connected to and sought messages from my “Past Self” and my “Future Self”.

I had completely forgotten this until I came across it in my notes from those 2018 classes. (A friend recently asked me to teach her how to channel, so I was reviewing my notes from those two…

An Energy Group / Higher Self Channeled Message

The number and diversity of souls in 6D is mind-boggling for our 3D human brain— and that’s a good thing!

by James Cridland (cc-by,

I heard Christian Sundberg on Buddha at the Gas Pump today. In answer to a question, he said that the diversity of souls is far greater than the diversity of humans on Earth. We humans are pretty much all the same in comparison.

That response was in answer to a question about the diversity of spiritual teachings. I found it insightful in understanding some of the confusing contradictions I hear from spiritual Channelers these days. The universe is infinitely more confusing!

Individual Souls are most often placed in the 6th Dimension, with oversouls in the 7th Dimension. Most of our…

A Channeled Teaching & Meditation

Infinite silence is the 1st truth of the universe, and eternal expansion is its 2nd truth.

by Eddi van W. (, cc-by)

The First Truth: Emptiness

Infinite silence and eternal emptiness is the First Truth that underlies all reality. This is what we often refer to as God or Source, but it is beyond these words because “it” is more than any concept that the human mind is capable of knowing and understanding. It is the universal and absolute origin, energy, and container of all reality, and it is more than that.

The Second Truth: Change

From that infinite silence and eternal emptiness all phenomenal manifest creation emerges. We do not know how this emergence happens — it just happens. We sometimes think of it as a dream of God…


A New Earth Conscious (NEC) series of articles on meditation.

Below is a compilation of articles from New Earth Consciousness and NEC writers on Meditation.

The day-to-day world we live in is overwhelmingly focused on the physical reality outside of us. To balance that, we need some form of meditation that turns out gaze to the spiritual reality inside of us.

These articles discuss the purposes of meditation, different types of meditation, meditation experiences, and recommendations. Most of the articles are “paywall free” (you do not need to be a paid Medium subscriber). Please feel free to contact the authors if you have any questions about their articles.

Introduction to Meditation

This is…

Part 4 of a 4-part Guide to Meditation

My personal review of “Participatory Meditation” practices that are part of the 9 basic types of meditation.

Walking with prayer wheels and beads in Tibet, by Kyle Taylor (, cc-by)

This Is the final article in my meditation series, which started with: Meditation Explainer: the What, Why & How of Meditating. This short introductory section is included in all the articles.

In that first article, I identified 3 Forms of Meditation:

Part 3 of a 4-part ‘Guide to Meditation’

My personal review of “External Meditation” practices that are part of the 9 basic types of meditation.

by David Goehring (, cc-by)

This Article is the 3rd in my series on Meditation. The initial introductory article was Meditation Explainer: the What, Why & How of Meditating.

In that first article I identified 3 Forms of Meditation:

Each of these Forms has 3 Types, for a total of 9 Types.

Part 2 of a 4-part ‘Guide to Meditation’

My personal review of “Internal Meditation” practices that are part of the 9 basic types of meditation.

by Petr Meissner (, cc-by)

This article follows my introductory article: Meditation Explainer: the What, Why & How of Meditating. There is some overlap between the end of that article and the start of this article.

In the introductory article, I identified 3 Forms of Meditation:
— [1] Self Meditations — meditating independently of any external influences
[2] Guided Meditationsmeditating while listening to an external source
— [3] Active Meditationsphysically participating in an activity

Each of these Forms has 3 Types, for a total of 9 Types (see my personal list below for those). …

Alan Lew

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