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Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

The NEC Spiritual Explainer Series

[Updated Oct 3, 2021] When you see the word “ego” do you know what it means? — Here are 30 definitions revealing 5 ways that people use that word.

by George A. Spiva Center for the Arts ( cc-by)


  1. 30 Definitions of the Ego (grouped in 5 types)
  2. The Working Mind & Thinking Mind
  3. Ego Growth & Maturity
  4. 5 Types of Egos = 1 Ego
  5. Type I — The “I Am” Ego
  6. Type II — The “I Am My Story” Ego
  7. Type III — The “Autopilot” Ego
    — 7.1…

Part of the GLOBAL ASCENSION Series

[Updated Sept 16, 2021] A new way to know if you are experiencing an Awakening, Self-Realization, or Enlightenment.

by Ian Burt ( cc-by)


  1. “Awakening” on Facebook
  2. Defining “Awakening”
  3. Defining “Enlightenment”
  4. Defining “Self-Realization”
  5. The Awakening Matrix
  6. Enlightenment vs. Being Psychic
    — 6.1. Two Pathways to Awakening
  7. Dark Night of the Duality Soul
  8. Categorizing People & Our Planet
    — 8.1. Planet Earth’s Awakening
  9. Yet Another Definition of “Awakening”
    — 9.1. …

Part of the NEC Channeling Series

Doubt is the most common challenge for someone new to channeling.

by asboluv (cc-by,

After my first week channeling, I asked my spirit guides/higher self if all this was real or not. The surprising answer is true for all of us.

This is an excerpt from the latest installment, “Dec 2, 2019", in my book on …

Writing Tips

These tested and easy aids actually help me create the best reading experience in my articles.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Writing (and editing) has been a part of my entire adult life. As an academic, I spent innumerable hours and days writing my papers and editing and improving those written by others. I also gave many lectures and workshops on how to write for high-impact international journals.

Since my retirement…

An New Earth Consciousness (NEC) Article Series

New Earth Consciousness (NEC) articles that help “you” to know and be who you truly are.

Being spiritual is an internal process. It means coming to a better understanding who who you are as separate from who the outside world (3D reality) thinks you are.

This collection includes articles that give you greater insight into the multidimensional and multi-personality being that you are.

CORE Articles to Understand YOU

Contents of How…

Excerpt from “My Channeling Diaries”

No spirit voices, but this simple, first experience was surprisingly promising and exciting.

by Agata Gri (cc-by,

November 25, 2019 — Monday Evening

I had a cold and my energy was low. I had signed up for a class on How to Channel on earlier in the day. I also found a free course on YouTube. …

A Channeled Message from My Energy Group / Higher Self

When you take it easy you flow with the positive and expansive truth of the universe.

by akzidenzseter (cc-by,

ME: I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest. I am grounded and I am connected through my crown chakra. I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest from any being who has that message for me. …

A Reader Q&A

New Age Spiritualists really want to equate the two, much to the chagrin of Physicists.

by Eugen Machold (by-sa,

A Reader Asked:

Hello! After two hours of research, this is the only article I found that made any attempt to define a “dimension” as it is discussed here [in the article below]. However, I’m still a little confused so I was hoping I could ask a few questions.

The article mentioned is:

A Channeled Message

Meditation not only changes us as individuals, but it can be a powerful tool to change the world, if the world is ready for that.

by Bernt Sønvisen (cc-by,

Most of this article is a channeled message from Joshua, who represents my Energy Group / Higher Self.

The basic message is that the world needs to adopt meditation as a common, taken-for-granted practice if humankind is ever going to address its environmental and social problems. My guides feel that…

Spiritual Channeling

You, too, can try the guided meditation to do this.

by D.C.Atty (cc-by,

I learned to channel my guides in Nov/Dec 2018. I took two classes, one on Udemy with an instructor who I could consult, and recordings of another on YouTube. I recount my full experience doing that here.

Lesson 4 of the YouTube class included a guided meditation in which I…

Alan Lew

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