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Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

Part of the Global Ascension Series

[Updated August 3, 2021] A spiritualist way of understanding and using time.

by Andy Blackledge

Background: This knowledge was a channeled message from my Energy Group / Higher Self. I have expanded it with information from different sources. Use of the words “we” and “our” refer to my Energy Group / Higher Self.


  1. Something Special is Going On (2020 & 2021 Ascension)
  2. Definitions & Assumptions
    2.1. Where Does ‘Time’ Come From?
    2.2. Basic Assumptions & Definitions About ‘Time’
    2.3. Limitations of Human Words
  3. Shared Timelines — Shared Universe
  4. Personal & Global Timelines
    4.1. Instantaneous Manifestations
    4.2. Seth II on the Flexibility of Time
  5. Polarities & Changing Timelines
  6. Infinite & Parallel Timelines
    6.1. …

Awakening is the Main Theme

[Updated June 14, 2021] I started with 10 purposes, but there are so many paths that the list kept growing!

by Rajarshi MITRA ( cc-by)

The Ultimate Purpose of Life

Below is a summary of the many suggestions for the ‘Ultimate Purpose of Life’ that I have collected from both teachers and students of spirituality.

After compiling the list below, I found that the purposes can be groups into 4 types:

  • Type 1 — Spiritual Ascension Purposes (Life as a School)
  • Type 2 — Celebrating Our Life Purposes (in the Ultimate Playground)
  • Type 3 — Creating a Better World Purposes (Creating Our Own Reality)
  • Type 4 — No Purpose Purposes (Beyond the Ego-Mind)

They are all good. They are all equally valid, in my opinion. And they are all related…

Part of the Spiritual Explainer Series

10 ways of spiritually dissecting the many “selves” of your psyche.

by by Marco Bellucci (, cc-by)


[0] The Oneness and The Many (Introduction)


[1] The 5 SPIRITUAL SELVES (Me’s & You’s)

[2] The 5 Types of EGO (Your 3D or “Outer Self”)

[3] The 5 Levels of Your SOUL (Your “Spiritual Self”)

[4] Your 5+ KOSHA Selves

[5] MANIFESTING Through 3 Selves


[7] Your 9 CHAKRA Personalities



[9] Your 17 EMOTIONAL Selves (David R. Hawkins)

[10] 11 of Your MANY VOICES (Voice Dialogue)

[0] The Oneness and The Many

We are both an individual and we are universal (some say we are “God”). This is one of the more…

Why We Travel

We travel to experience the magic of “effortless awareness” in the world around us.

Fisheye view of Carlsmith Beach Park, Hilo, Hawai’i, by Alan Lew, author, cc-by

This story started about a month ago. It is about how a self-realized state of consciousness can create a more meaningful travel experience.

Around June 20, 2021, I was listening to an interview on ConsciousTV (YouTube) with David Bingham about “Self Realization”. He may be best known as someone who became self-realized after listening to a podcast. He described how he works with people, which is a fairly simple process he calls “effortless awareness” (see also this other interview).

It was not something new to me, but somehow his description struck a chord. The following two weeks after listening to…

Guest Post

I’d like to remind you of who you really are.

Photo by Creative Christians on Unsplash

A guest post by Catherine VanGorder

Psst…you, yes You 😉.

Step out of your human body for a moment and come with me. I’d like to remind you of who you really are.

It’s ok. Just pretend that body suit of yours has a zipper and unzip it now. Let it fall to the floor. You won’t be needing it right now so just let go of it completely 😊.

Wow you did it! Doesn’t that feel wonderful? Just Being the Beautiful Energy that you are?

Allow yourself to feel the Love that you give to others. …

A Reader Q&A

Our physical reality is a dream, but so is every other reality (Q&A)

by Antonio Catagna (, cc-by)

Hello Alan Lew! Have you heard the comment “This world is like a lucid dream”? If so, may I know if you have information about this? For example: If superior dimensions are like a lucid dream too? Thank you!

Dreams & Realities

A “dream” is a reality created within one’s mind. From the perspective of The Absolute/Source, all manifest reality is a dream created in its mind. All dimensions are dreams in the mind of Source/God.

For us 3rd Dimensional (3D) humans, what we remember of our nightly dreams are 4th Dimension (4D) experiences. …

Travel & Tourism Futures

A Hawaiian spirit guide talks about how to experience the “Heart of the Pacific”.

Whale on the North Coast of Oahu, by Alan Lew, author (cc-by)

[This is an edited version of a channeling I received from a spirit guide named Ali’i Kai in Hawai’i in March 2020. This was just before the pandemic closed all tourism to the islands.]

This is A Special Place

Ali’i Kai: Hello, Alan. Welcome to Hawai’i.

This is a special place. Because it is so far from the mainlands that are on the edges of this single most important and largest entity on the planet Earth: the Pacific Ocean.

This present spot is not quite in the center, but it is close to the upper left side of the ocean body. It is like where…

Spiritual Q&A

Anything is possible in an infinite universe, so give your energy to the highest positive vibration in every moment.

by Alice PopKorn (, cc-by)

QUESTION: Hey… I have heard some say the covid jab will end human life in 2–3 years. I am wondering your stance on this. This study is bothersome because I can’t really focus on anything else. and I kinda have to.

THIS question was based on comments made by a former Pfizer employee who is specialized in asthma medicines, not vaccines. After his asthma unit was close at Pfizer he started advocating a range of theories about the virus and vaccines. He became popular in some circles, though his statements have been discredited by

My 5 responses below are…

A New Earth Consciousness (NEC) Article Collection

A New Earth Conscious (NEC) series of articles about time, timelines, time travel, reincarnation, and related spiritual topics.

by Mark Morgan (, cc-by)

Masters of Time

My Energy Group (Higher Self) has told me that we are mostly from the Sirius star system.

Sirians are masters of time. They are believed to have taught Atlanteans how to control time through geometry, especially pyramids.

Maybe that is why I have written so many articles about time. I have not seen many others writing about time. The articles below summarized thoughts from my Energy Group, as well a few others who I have been influenced by, especially Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts).

The goal of these articles is to help us all to become Masters of Time.

Time & The Future


Spiritual Perspective on Time

Plus how to integrate this life, past lives, & parallel lives through vibrations of the past.

by Richard (, cc-by)

We, humans, love the feeling of nostalgia. As the historical geographer, David Lowenthal, wrote:

“If the past is a foreign country, nostalgia has made it a foreign country with the healthiest visitor trade of all.

— David Lowenthal, in ‘The Past is a Foreign Country’ (1985)

The following is an edited message channeled from my Energy Group/Higher Self. The original channeled audio is linked at the end of the article.

Past, Future, & Present Vibrations


Nostalgia is seldom considered a spiritual word because it is grounded in what is often considered to be the illusion of time.

Nostalgia is a longing to return to…

Alan Lew

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