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Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

The NEC Spiritual Explainer Series

Looking at 24 definitions of “Ego” there are 5 general ways that people use that word.

24 Definitions of the Ego

BELOW are 24 definitions of the ego that I have come across from spirituality, psychoanalysis, and social media discussion group sources. I have grouped these into 5 general categories, each of which is described in more detail below. This article ends with a poem about the different veils of the ego.

Type I — The “I Am” Ego

  1. Your Sense of Being Separate (from everything else)
  2. Your Individuality (opposite of everything else)
  3. Your Sense of “I”-ness (opposite of everything else)
  4. Your Awareness of Being a Human
  5. The Center of Your Consciousness in the Physical World

Type II — The “I…

Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment

And would you like fries with your enlightenment?

Large Awakenings

  • I have not had a Near Death Experience.
  • I have not had a Kundalini Rising.
  • I have never seen auras and energy fields.
  • I have not reached enlightenment.
  • I have not even had a Dark Night of the Soul experience

What am I doing wrong?

Large Awakenings may be seen as once-in-a-lifetime events, if even that often. I believe most people (or souls) wait many lifetimes to have one of these types of awakenings. For a rare few, these events occur more than once in a single lifetime.

An NEC Article Series

Fully and partially channeled responses to spiritual questions from readers and others — by Alan Lew.

I ENJOY getting questions from readers and others related to my spiritual writings. They are currently not so common as to be overwhelming. And they sometimes result in an article here on Medium.

I recently noticed that I have several others Q&A type articles in draft form, so I decided to create this collection, which people might find of interest. Below are the one’s that I have written up so far. More will be coming soon. And yes, always “question the answers!”

THE following were messages channeled for other people, but not in response to a specific question. …

Reader Q&A

How to “not fight injustice, but create justice” from a spiritual perspective.


Why do I have people in my life who have different political beliefs and ways of behaving from me? How can I understand these relationships, especially when I see injustice and greed in the world, which triggers my anger? You have said that we should “not fight injustice but create justice”. How does one do that? (edited from the original question submitted)

ANSWER (from Me and my Higher Self):

Separate But Shared Universes

We each live in our own, separate universe. Collectively we create a shared universe with others based on some level of shared resonance or vibration. We are each at the center of our universe.

We react to others…

An NEC Article Series

New Earth Consciousness (NEC) articles about the spiritual nature of “infinity”.

ONE of the topics that my Energy Group / Higher Self likes to focus on in their channeled messages to me is the concept of “infinity”.

This is the idea that we live in an infinite universe, and that everything, everyone and every experience has infinite potential. Knowing this has profound implications for our relationship to reality.

My group recently (in April 2021) told me that I should be writing more about “infinity”, based on the channeled messages I have received. These articles are a start, and I will add them as I am able to.

THIS article, below, is…

Reader Q&A

The difference between experiencing your ‘God-self’ and becoming ‘God Consciousness’.

A Reader’s Question:

I am trying to understand a bit about this loving unconditional loving “parent” that my soul resonates with, and my mind is trying to find a term to better understand my relationship with it, or the role it has in life.

I feel like it’s very high energy and it is connected to us from our hearts and our souls, and the names we give it can be subjective. I would like the idea of calling it “The Universe”, or “God”, or maybe “The Higher Power”.

The higher dimensions I go to, though, the more cozier it feels.

Answer from Me & My Higher Self:

Defining ‘God”

ON the…

The Infinity Series — Part 4

Let’s make the infinite part of our taken-for-granted reality.

There Are No Limits

There are no limits.

There are many New Age spiritual teachers, in fact most of them, who talk about limits. They say there are 11 dimensions, or 12, or 17, or whatever. They tell you that to achieve a certain “higher state of consciousness”, a state of “awakening” or “enlightenment”, you must go through a certain stages and processes. They tell you that if you do “this”, you will achieve “that”.

They may tell you that you have had a dozen previous lives to this one, and that those lives are influencing this life.

They tell you that there are…

The Infinity Series — part 3

Creativity and imagination expands the universe expands, because too it does not know it own infinity.

An Infinite Universe

Infinite. Infinity.

“God”, “Source”, “All That Is”, The “Absolute”, the “I Am”
— However, you define it, “It” is infinite.

“It” has no beginning and no end.
“It” is the entire universe and beyond.
“It” is infinite, and it is beyond infinity.

You live and you exist in a universe that is infinite, that has no beginning and has no end.


Do you really know what “infinite” means?

Infinite means you cannot count how many there are of something, because infinite is beyond any counting. There is no infinite number, because you can always add one more.

A universe…

The Infinity Series — Part 1

If you believe in anything less than infinity, they you are succumbing to the matrix of control.

ME: I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest.

MY ENERGY GROUP: Hello, Alan. Good to connect with you again. Here is a message fore you.

You are interested in what is happening with the Global Ascension, what is happening with Earth, and where the Earth is going and when.

As you know, there are infinite numbers of parallel realities and parallel Earths, each of which you have full access to.

The only reason you restrict yourself (and therefore have fewer options) is because you do not believe in infinity, or that your human mind…

Spiritual Activism

We need more than spirituality — We need to Wake up, Clean up, Grow up and Show up.

Spirituality’s Poor Record on World Peace

VARIOUS forms of spirituality (including both formal and esoteric branches of world religions) seem to have been around since the dawn of humankind. We have had innumerable numbers of enlightened and highly awakened individuals. Has this had any significant impact on bringing the world closer together?

I don’t think so.

India may, arguably, have developed the highest level of spiritual understanding, along with many Saints (living and past), and spiritual influences expanding around the globe. Has this made India a better place, free of violence and corruption?

I don’t think so.

In fact, spirituality has long been a source of…

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