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Every thing has value and purpose; Every moment is a synchronicity

Part of My Personal Ascension Series

[Updated May 5, 2021] Higher Self advice on seeking the flow of life when stuck in a moody emotion.

“Every Thing has Value and Purpose, Every Moment is Synchronicity” — my sankalpa

FOR various reasons, mostly excuses for my not being very motivated, I had not channeled my guides in over a week. So tonight, rather than voice channeling them, I decided to receive a message through automatic writing, as that seemed easier to do.

The message I received was short and to the point, and exactly what I needed to hear at this moment:

AUTOMATIC WRITING, Dec 5, 2020 — A Message from My Guides

Hello Alan.

Our advice to you right now is to “let go”.

Do not hold on to any preconceived notions of how your life…

Inspired by Seth/Jane Roberts

“If you did not do what you did today the entire world would be in some way different.”

You are so a part of the world that your slightest action contributes to its reality. Your breath changes the atmosphere. Your encounters with others alter the fabrics of their lives and the lives of those who come in contact with them.

…It is easy for you to see how the cells of the body form it — that is, you understand at least the cooperative nature of the cell’s activities. An alteration on the part of one cell immediately causes changes in the others and brings about a difference in body behavior.

It is somewhat more difficult for you…

A New Age Spiritual Explainer

From “small i” to “Big I”, defining “you” spiritually is complicated but needed.

A Huge Debate Over “You”

Spiritual Awakening & Ascension

New insights on the spiritual 3rd & 4th dimensions, plus a ‘writing prompt’ for New Earth Consciousness.

Navigating Space & Navigating Time

As humans, we live in a reality that is structured by Time and Space.

  • We know space by watching things, including ourselves, move from one place to another.
  • We know space by occupying our bodies, our homes, and our communities.
  • We know space through the mental maps we hold of our world.
  • We know time by seeing the seconds pass on a clock.
  • We know time by seeing ourselves and our world change with age.
  • We know time through our individual and shared memories and histories.

In an article that I recently (and finally) completed, I described how the young…

An Energy Group Channeled Message

While love is a stable & unifying force in the universe, creativity is a force of action.

A message from my Energy Group/Higher Self on May 27, 2021

SOURCE / GOD created the universe. That was the ultimate creativity using the power of everything, which is the power of complete absolute silence, the void.

From that came the power to be everything. To be not only everything but everything beyond everything in existence.

The ultimate creativity came from the ultimate silence, the ultimate emptiness the ultimate void. From that, creativity emerged.

The Energy of Love

CREATIVITY can be thought of as the energy of love. The energy of love is the energy that is behind everything in manifest existence. It is…

A Spiritual Explainer

[Updated June 4, 2021] A Sirius star system view of the spiritual dimensions of reality.

Spiritual Dimensions

The different dimensions of reality are something that most New Age spiritualists widely agree exists. However, when it comes to describing them, the disagreements are just as wide.

This is evident in my Explainer article in which I describe the many different ways that I have heard the spiritual dimensions described. I am constantly updating that article as I come across new and interesting perspectives.

Friends told me of Matias De Stefano’s Initiation series on Gaia TV, which covered his 9 spiritual dimensions of reality in its first season (in 2020). …

A Guest Channeling

Each life incarnation is an experience to take you closer to the truth that you create it all.

By Catherine VanGorder

Moving to Higher States of Consciousness

Let’s be done with Karmic Cycles and move on into the connection, the alignment with the “Higher Self”, or whatever name you want to give it.

Shut the mind up when it starts rambling. Go to your heart as a default and you will start to experience higher states of consciousness.

Quit with all the stories you are telling yourself and realize you are the one creating everything! Every experience, every illness, in every, every minute of your life.

We are Light Beings having a human experience. We came here to lift the Energy of Human Consciousness…

A Channeled Message

How to relax and prepare for our expansion into a New Earth.

A Channeled Message from my Energy Group / Higher Self

Something new — listen to this article being ready, either by me (Alan Lew) or by my computer:

We are always here.
— We are always communicating.

We are you.
— We are your environment.
— We are everything that surrounds you.

And there is constant communication between all the elements that comprise who you are.

So stop and think, what have you learned
— this week,
— this day?

You know that everything is synchronicity.
— Everything happens for a reason.

Infinite Change

You know that the universe is infinite.
— So something new is always appearing in your life…

The NEC Spiritual Explainer Series

Looking at 25 definitions of “Ego” there are 5 general ways that people use that word.

25 Definitions of the Ego

BELOW are 25 definitions of the ego that I have come across from spirituality, psychoanalysis, and social media discussion group sources. I have grouped these into 5 general categories, each of which is described in more detail below. This article ends with a poem about the different veils of the ego.

Type I — The “I Am” Ego

  1. Your Sense of Being Separate (from everything else)
  2. Your Individuality (opposite of everything else)
  3. Your Sense of “I”-ness (opposite of everything else)
  4. Your Awareness of Being a Human
  5. The Center of Your Consciousness in the Physical World

Type II — The “I…

Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment

And would you like fries with your enlightenment?

Large Awakenings

  • I have not had a Near Death Experience.
  • I have not had a Kundalini Rising.
  • I have never seen auras and energy fields.
  • I have not reached enlightenment.
  • I have not even had a Dark Night of the Soul experience

What am I doing wrong?

Large Awakenings may be seen as once-in-a-lifetime events, if even that often. I believe most people (or souls) wait many lifetimes to have one of these types of awakenings. For a rare few, these events occur more than once in a single lifetime.

Alan Lew

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